The Beautiful Transparent Curvaceous Brown Earrings Maximize

The Beautiful Transparent Curvaceous Brown Earrings

This is a brown shaded and is curved round on the ends. The size of earrings is 20x10x5 mm and weight is 2 gram for the pair. They are transparent and have the brown essence to match all dresses. Perfect for all every events, this pair is worth adding to your collection. They are crafted to enhance your personality.

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Earrings do more than make a fashion statement – they can change the look of your entire face! If you have a round face, dangle earrings can help make it look more oval, and therefore, thinner. They work to serve a purpose and look great at the same time.

Our selection of 100% Baltic Amber dangle earrings are sure to please, whether you want them to help your face appear thinner, or you just want to create a dazzling and sophisticated look.

Choose from drop earrings in a selection of colors that includes light or dark brown, gold, and green. The stone shapes come in a variety of sizes – our rounded edge teardrop earrings weigh just 2 grams with a stone size of approximately 20x10x5 mm. Our heart shaped earrings weigh just 1 gram and are approximately 8x7x3 mm in size.

Our earrings add a subtle, elegant addition to any wardrobe and we’re confident you will love the vast selection we offer. Pair the earrings with any one of our rings, necklaces or bracelets and we are confident you will love the results!

Each pair of earrings is made with 100% Baltic Amber and is expertly hand-crafted to ensure the highest quality and excellence.

Our expert craftsmen use centuries-old techniques to ensure that each piece of Baltic Amber is properly preserved and will last a lifetime. Each one is finished and polished to add sophistication and class to even the simplest and smallest stones.

Our selection of earrings are the perfect choice for every occasion – from a formal dinner or wedding, to a casual night out with friends. The neutral colors are sure to compliment any wardrobe style, from designer labels to bargain finds. You can feel confident knowing that you are wearing a unique pair of earrings that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

About us:

Since the beginning of time, Baltic Amber’s beauty and mystery has fascinated and inspired all who have been introduced to it. This amazing gemstone is considered to be a true wonder of nature and it continues to be a mystery to many today. Our goal is to help you discover the amazing qualities of these exceptional gems, so you can uncover some of that mystery and intrigue.

If you are looking for a stylish piece of jewelry, coupled with dazzling gems, you’ll love our Baltic Amber selection.

Why should you buy from us? Here is what sets us apart from other sellers:
• Everything we sell is guaranteed 100% Baltic Amber
• We offer custom design pieces
• All of our products are hand-made by experienced craftsmen

Here’s the bottom line: We know Baltic Amber better than anyone else. We’ve been selling these wonders of nature for many years and have seen first-hand the amazing qualities they possess. They are not only beautiful, they are full of mystery and intrigue and it’s hard to resist the allure of these beautiful gems.

Baltic Amber may have been created from nature, but we’ve taken the best of what it has to offer and made it into something that everyone can enjoy.

All of our pieces are made entirely by hand and lovingly finished and polished. This means that each piece is unique! Our craftsmen have many years of experience and use methods that have been used for centuries. Each bead is carefully crafted and finished to ensure that you get the very best quality and design possible.

Baltic Amber is not only our business – it’s our heritage and we take great pride in helping people discover its amazing qualities and beauty. Our own families wear these pieces with grace and dignity, and we are more than happy to pass that along to our customers. No matter what your fashion style, you’re sure to find a piece that fits your wardrobe.

If you have an idea for your own piece of jewelry, we’d be happy to have it custom-made for you. Our expert craftsmen will work with you closely to make sure that you get the exact piece that you want. Imagine the delight you will bring to a loved one when they receive a hand-crafted and custom-made necklace, bracelet or ring made of pure Baltic Amber.

You can feel confident knowing that we have intimate, personal knowledge and experience with amber and its amazing powers.

Magical Properties of Amber

Amber stone is considered to be a very powerful healer and a purifier of all the bad things inside your body. It helps damaged tissue with healing and cleans the chakra system. Amber also has the ability to absorb negative energy, which is after that transformed into a positive force that promotes self healing of the body.

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Make Your Amber Shine

Amber is one of the finest minerals for jewelry making. Jewelry made of amber can easily lose its shine and it demands appropriate care. Everything you need, you can find in your home. Here are a few interesting and simple tricks that will save you time but also money, and hold amber jewelry in perfect condition.

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Identifying the Real Amber

Because of the less frequent findings of amber in its natural state, you can find very compelling copies, which only experienced eye can detect. But how to spot a difference between true amber and plastic? Here are some ways to determinate authenticity of your amber or precious jewelry made out of it

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